Ooh! Toya! 大戸屋

My Japanese friends tell me that in Japan, Ootoya is really like a mom & pop outfit to pick up quick meals akin to home-cooked food. So when I tell them that a dish in Ootoya here in SG costs an average of ¥1500, they go all bug-eyed and wonder what we have in our Ootoya dishes here that warrant a good ¥700-800 more.

Since I have never been to an Ootoya in Japan, I can only vouch for the 2 that I frequent most here in SG – Clementi Mall and Orchard Central. Of the 2, I prefer the Clementi one as the Sumi Buta Jyu (Chargrilled pork with rice) here usually has more charred bits (yums) ;).

Sumi Buta Jyu

Sumi Buta Jyu

You can’t go wrong with most fried or grilled stuff in Ootoya and the food does look like what is presented in the menu so no accusations of misrepresentation lor.


Fried! Breaded melt-in-mouth pork!


Grilled! Chargrilled chicken for those on low carbs!

For those looking for healthier options, Ootoya also has good salads, steamed options, fish, kurozu (black vinegar which is good for you) glazed chicken and multi-grained rice that you can request for.

Kurozu cod

Kurozu is good for you!

For Japanese parfait lovers, you’ll be bouncing around on a sugar high after you end your meal with one of these desserts:-



Okay, so I don’t see how we can whip up something like these dishes at home without some serious fanning of chargoal so we usually fork out around S$100 or so for a meal for 4 with drinks and a parfait or two, if we feel like some hearty Japanese comfort meals. Think will make it a point to drop by an Ootoya the next time I go to Japan, so I can tell the Japanese friends what makes the ¥700-800 difference in prices.

Recommended lor but be prepared to queue in the evenings and on weekends when they don’t take reservations.



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