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Learn to make Tokyo-style Sakura Mochi with Spoonful Cooking.


Interested in Japanese cooking? Come spend a morning with Spoonful’s Japanese instructors in fun, informal and interactive classes.

Coming up:- Mochi-making on Sat, 30 April, 11:00 to 12:00 in West Coast Mall.

$20 only! This is our special promotion price class supported by Napines (A sugar company well know in Japan as Daito Seito and Supermarket “Sakuraya”(

Source: 11:00-12:00 Napines Sakura Cooking! Tokyo Style Sakura Mochi & Zunda Mochi Cooking Class @Atrium in fron of Sakuraya, West Coast $20 only! | Spoonful


Christmas Udon at Maru Ten

If you are thinking of something different from the usual turkey, ham and roasts this Christmas, head on over to Maru Ten Udon.

From 1 to 25 December, this fast-expanding udon chain will be dishing out a specially created Christmas Udon that is pleasing to the eye, palate and wallet.

2015-11-25 08.27.27

Festive colours; tempura shiso = Christmas holly, shrimp arancini = Christmas bell, parmesan topping = snow!

This limited edition festive dish comprises Maru Ten’s signature al dente Sanuki udon infused with fragrant matcha and topped with its in-house tangy tomato sauce. These are  accompanied by a trio of crunchy delights – crispy arancini (a croquette of rice and shrimp), tempura shiso and sweet pumpkin – to form a delectable Christmas ensemble. What’s more, the Christmas udon starts from just $11.80 for the small portion, $13.80 for the regular and $15.80 for the large.

Mr Yuji Katayanagi, Managing Director of Maru Ten Udon, believes in constant innovation and creativity to continuously delight his customers. This is why for this season, he worked hard to come up with something unusual that his customers can celebrate the season with.

2015-11-25 08.39.52

Mr Yuji Katayanagi of Maru Ten Udon takes pride in getting his udon to the perfect chewy texture and constantly adding new items to the menu

Besides this festive dish, customers can look forward to the ever-changing array of tempura that is restocked at the counter and slurp some springy, chewy Japanese Sanuki-style udon to warm up the tummies in this rainy season. For those needing to carbo-load some more, there is always the Soup Tendon where you pile on the tempura on rice and generously douse everything in the hot dashi soup.

2015-11-25 07.41.00

If in doubt, the curry udon is always a good comfort food! S: $6.80, R: $8.60, L: $10.40

2015-11-24 07.45.53

Tender sliced beef and springy udon make a delectable combination.            S: $7.80, R: $9.60 and L: $11.40

Tempura temptations start from $1! This Kakiage is yums and so is the chicken katsu.

2015-11-06 06.33.29

Tempura temptations start from just $1! This kakiage is yums and so are most of the other fried delights.

For the Christmas Udon, it is only available from 1 to 25 December at the United Square outlet. Only 15 sets available daily, so head on there to savour the festive flavours soon!


Maru Ten Udon

United Square

101 Thomson Road, #B1-07

Tel: 6258 7783

Business hours: 11:00 to 22:00 (Last order 21:30)



Torikin – The pure, authentic taste of Hakata Mizutaki (Chicken Hotpot) in Singapore

Tucked away in a quiet corner of Crown Centre in Bukit Timah is a casual dining space dedicated to dishing up collagen-rich Hakata-style hotpots called Mizutaki (水炊き). 

Great for date nights to huddle over a hotpot or group gatherings too!

Great for date nights to huddle over a hotpot or group gatherings too!

As part of the of a chain of restaurants by the Ishida Kikaku Group, originating from Fukuoka in Kyushu, Japan, Torikin (鶏金) is the first overseas venture by the Group and embodies its founder, Mr Kyota Ishida’s philosophy of allowing all customers to discover the authentic taste of Kyushu, without compromising on quality.

Torikin Sake

Check out Torikin’s great Sake collection.

A specialty of Hakata in Kyushu, Mizutaki is a hotpot chicken dish that is healthy, rich in collagen and fibre. At Torikin, the stock is made daily from Sakura chickens and boiled for more than 6 hours, with no additives at all. What you get is a pale, white stock of natural collagen and a lighter, more refined taste, compared to other collagen-enhanced hotpots.

Torikin Mizutaki

A full Mizutaki meal for 2 costs S$70 and includes chicken, veggies, tofu, chicken balls and porridge or ramen. You will be stuffed!

For Singaporeans looking for a more robust taste, drizzle tangy homemade Ponzu sauce over the tender chicken parts or pair with Yuzu Pepper which resembles a sambal chili paste.

Ponzu sauce

Don’t be scared to drizzle on the ponzu! Brings the chicken to new heights!!

As part of the Mizutaki experience, the server will skillfully roll minced chicken into balls to be dropped into the soup, together with cabbage, mushroom and tofu. Towards the end, the broth is thickened with egg and rice is added for a rich concoction of nutritious porridge.

Service with a smile

Served at every stage of the Mizutaki meal so you don’t have to do anything but eat!

Ending the Mizutaki with healthy porridge in rich collagen-infused chicken broth and egg ;P

Ending the Mizutaki with healthy porridge in rich collagen-infused chicken broth and egg ;P

Besides the Mizutaki, you should definitely not miss out on ordering sides such as the piping hot Hakata Tonpei Yaki, which is a sort of Okonomiyaki. Served up sizzling on special earthenware plates with an infra-red effect to draw out the taste of the ingredients evenly, Tonpei Yaki is made of sheets of pork wrapped in an eggy batter and smothered with mayonnaise and Tonkatsu sauce. The result is a rich, oozy and flavourful comfort food that goes so well with ice cold beer ;).

Don't miss out on ordering this! At $22.80 per portion, it is good for sharing amongst 3 pax.

Don’t miss out on ordering this! At $22.80 per portion, it is good for sharing amongst 3 pax.

For those looking for a lighter and healthier side dish, try the Oden which comes in a dashi stock usually boiled for a full day before being served. The Oden is an assortment of yummy goodness made from a variation of tofu skin, daikon (radish), fish cake and konyaku.

Awesome Oden!

Oden is priced at $9 for 3pcs, $14 for 5pcs and $18 for 8pcs.

Oden Love

Don’t forget to slurp up the broth!!

After the wonderful dining experience the of Torikin here in Singapore, we are definitely inspired to plan a trip to Kyushu to check out the origins of its gastronomic delights.

Torikin Japanese Restaurant
557 Bukit Timah Road #01-14/16 Crown Centre, Singapore 269694

Mon-Fri: 6:00pm – 11:00pm
Sat-Sun: 12:00pm – 3:00pm, 6:00pm – 11:00pm

Phone: +65 6465 5908

[MEDIA INVITE] Prime Gyu-Kaku @ CHIJMES – Bras Basah, Singapore

BBQ Kuroge Wagyu from Japan that won’t burn a hole in your wallet! Gyu Kaku Singapore grills up a new affordable menu. Check out this mouthwatering review by @eatwithroy and make your reservations today! 


Recently I was invited by my long time lovely friend Cathryn to another mediatasting hosted by REINS International (S) Pte Ltd at their Prime Gyu-Kaku outlet at CHIJMES and was organised by TheAsiaMedia folks. To be honest, I have not been to CHIJMES ever since my media tasting at Lei Gardens, andit was great to be able to visit the place again after 6 years.

Gyu-Kaku, meaning “Horn of the Bull” in Japanese provides the authentic Japanese Yakiniku (barbeque) dining experience where customers share premium cooked meatsover a flaming charcoal grill while sipping on Japanese Sake, Shochu and frosty coldbeers. Founded in 1996, this chain of restaurants is committedto provide fresh foodstuffs and tooffer good food at reasonable prices with excellent ambience andservices. In addition, the group looks into developing the best equipment for their restaurants especially the on-the-table smokeless roasters, which makes everyone a chef as soon as…

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How to unwrap onigiri from konbini

So after we amassed all these onigiri from the konbini (Japanese convenience store, of which there are more than 40,000 in Japan o_O), we eagerly tore through the wrappers like the barbarians that we are. Only to discover, many onigiris later, that there is actually a super ingenious METHOD to unwrap these triangular morsels delicately. The reason why the triangular onigiri is wrapped as such is so that the seaweed does not touch the rice and so is kept crisp and fresh until you unwrap it. The instructions are actually at the bottom of the wrapper; but who looks at the bottom anyway when one just needs to sink one’s teeth into seaweed and rice immediately?

So, for the uninformed and clueless, here is a step-by-step guide on how to unwrap your konbini-bought triangular onigiri. Enjoy ;).

Onigiri Love!

In 2013 in the JR Nara supermarket, we discovered ONIGIRI. Life has never been the same since.

Onigiri (おにぎり) is a Japanese rice ball, a common staple convenience food for the locals. So common that they are found in almost every convenience store or ‘konbini’ there is in the country (and there are more than 40,000). So ingeniously wrapped (follow the 1,2,3 steps on how to tear the wrapper), we savour every mouthful of the crispy, crackle of seaweed, the refreshingly cold rice and the burst of flavour from the stuff inside. The stuff inside also ranges from the common such as cooked red salmon, tuna / chicken mayo, mentaiko, to the gourmet like wagyu beef, grilled chicken and stewed pork. Gourmet ones are usually peddled from specialised counters in basement food halls of department stores.

Back home in Singapore, we have since been on a quest to satisfy our onigiri longing. Alas, the search has proven to be futile. The ones in supermarket sushi corners here are just sad and they do not even wrap the rice ball up properly in accordance to the 1,2,3 to unwrap the rice ball. Those offered by Japanese restaurants are expensive and come without wrappers so you miss half the fun of eating onigiri. Yes, unwrapping them 1,2,3 rocks!

So if you are ever in Japan, just drop by any old Lawsons, Seven-Eleven or Family Mart and grab yourself a variety of onigiri. You won’t leave the country without them ;P

Onigiri Love

Onigiri from konbini in Haneda Airport – best way to spend your remaining Yen!